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You will look with confidence to Nor’east Cleaners the best Dry Cleaners Town MA and know that you will look your very best in clothes cleaned and maintained by us.
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Green Clean


Every time you need clothing cleaned, your informed choice comes down to trust, expertise, and experience. For over 40 years, Nor’east has been investing in equipment, training, and supervision in order to earn your trust, gain the necessary experience and expertise, and build our award-winning reputation on Cape Ann and the North Shore.


Behind that desire to provide you, our customer, with the finest, most reliable and convenient service is a recognition that we are dependent on our environment for the materials needed to sustain such service to you. We recognize that we live in a world of shared resources and that our commitment is to keep our environment clean as well.


Fortunately, for our children’s and grandchildren’s sakes, businesses today are being held to a higher standard for the direct and indirect environmental consequences of all phases of their activity. Whether it’s the safe handling of industrial supplies, recycling of cardboard boxes, reduction in paper use, or modifying customer behavior with reusable shopping bags, everyday businesses ask, “Can we do better?” Our answer is “Yes!”


For many years, the dry-cleaning industry has been concerned about its environmental impact. About 20 years ago, a major equipment breakthrough reduced the use of dry-cleaning solvents by 90% nationwide. In 1993, Nor’east converted to this technology, which eliminated any vapor release into the atmosphere while at the same time leaving no detectable levels of solvent in the clothes, thus eliminating any health risk.


SYSTEMK4 – Kreussler Textilchemie



Systematically in a successful future. Everybody would like to have a patented recipe for a successful future. With SYSTEM K 4 – our new, worldwide patent pending, cleaning system – we offer you an innovative and highly efficient cleaning procedure for commercial textile care that is unparalleled.


Miele Wet Cleaning System

In an ideal world, we would be able to remove stains and soil magically, without the use of solvents. With this goal in mind, Nor’east purchased the first Miele Wet Cleaning System in New England in the year 2000. Forty percent of our work is now being processed in WATER using the Miele’s custom-designed cleaning agents, unique Miele washing cycle, and Miele’s moisture-controlled drying equipment, which has been used in Europe for years. All of our dry-cleaning and wet-cleaning equipment is computer-controlled for maximum efficiency and has helped reduce both dry-cleaning fluid and water consumption.


Eco-friendly Practices

In 2009, Nor’east Cleaners was recognized for its eco-friendly practices and technologies. Currently, we are the only cleaners in the five northern New England states to have been approved under the strict guidelines of the Green Cleaners Council.


In 2011, we installed the SystemK4 dry-cleaning system. SystemK4 uses a 100% non-toxic, non-hazardous, dry-cleaning solution that performs better than PERC and is completely safe for our employees, our customers, and the environment. We are proud to be one of the first dry cleaners in the country to convert to this technology. At Nor’east Cleaners, we are continually reevaluating options for making our facilities even more ecologically friendly.

Plastic Bags

If a customer chooses not to recycle them with us and disposes of them in a landfill, the bags will begin to decompose in just nine months. All Nor’east’s recycled plastic bags are sent to a reclamation center and reprocessed into new, plastic bags.

We encourage the use of our Nor’east Convert-a-Bags, which serve as a laundry bag for incoming items and a garment bag for outgoing clothes, thus eliminating plastic bags altogether.


About 25% of our hangers are recycled hangers from our customers. This includes shirt, paper-covered, and plastic-clip hangers. Many are returned in the convenient hanger caddies provided in the lobbies of our three stores. If we cannot reuse the hangers that are returned to us, we send them to be recycled.


We offer monthly statements and newsletters to our customers via email to save paper, time, and energy. Customers may keep their credit card on file with us to eliminate monthly check writing as well as earn reward points with their credit card provider.

On-site Recycling

We recycle over 1,500 cardboard boxes every year and all trash is separated for maximum recycling.


Most items are barcoded, thus eliminating the need for paper tags. Barcoding also provides increased security for the customer, allowing us to hold a permanent record of every garment that we process.

As you can see, with most complex problems, our environmental consciousness extends beyond responsible cleaning techniques. We see this commitment as a partnership with our customers. We take our commitment to you and to our planet seriously. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions or would like more information. Simply email us at info@noreastcleaners.com.