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You will look with confidence to Nor’east Cleaners the best Dry Cleaners Town MA and know that you will look your very best in clothes cleaned and maintained by us.
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Take a look at some of our distinctive services.

Dry Cleaners Manchester By The Sea Ma
Free Pickup & Delivery
We make it as easy as possible! Our professional drivers arrive at your home or office, collect your clothes at the predetermined location and return them to you ready to wear. All you need to do is to leave your bag out and we will do the rest.
Same Day Service
Same day service at no extra cost – excluding Saturdays and Tuesdays (winter hours). Drop off at any of our locations and your items can be ready that same day or the next day depending on the time you come in. During the week, items in by 9am can be returned by 4pm at our Manchester location. At the main store in East Gloucester, items dropped off by 10am can be returned by 4pm. Items brought in to any location by 9am can be returned by 2pm that same day. Simply let the friendly Customer Service Representative know that you would like them that day.
Dry Cleaners Manchester By The Sea Ma
Garment Cleaning
Our expert dry cleaners carefully inspect every garment before the cleaning begins.Stains are individually treated by hand, buttons are covered, ornamental details are removed by our skilled tailor, and garments are sorted based on the best cleaning method for that piece.
Wet Cleaning – Nor’east Cleaners purchased the first Miele Wet Cleaning System in New England in 2000. Wet Cleaning allows us to use water to clean garments under precisely controlled conditions. Approximately 40% of our work is now processed through this method.
Dry Cleaning – In 2011, we were among the first in the country to install the K4 Dry Cleaning System. SolvonK4 is a biodegradable non-toxic dry cleaning solution that is safe for our employees, our customers and the environment AND does an outstanding job at cleaning your clothes.
Shirt Laundry
Make a good impression with a crisp, perfectly pressed shirt. Each shirt receives a thorough inspection before washing and after pressing.
Button Guarantee – All buttons on your shirts will be returned in the same condition as when we receive them or we will replace them with a match. If you find one that we missed, then we will launder that shirt for FREE.

Dry Cleaners Manchester By The Sea Ma
Delivery West Newbury 01985
Wedding Gowns
It all starts with the dress! Trust us to put as much care into cleaning your dress as you put into finding it. Our wedding gown specialists carefully inspect and individually clean each gown. Special attention is taken to make repairs on loose beads, open seams, torn hems, etc. Every precaution is given to protect all of the fine details that make your gown special. Once the dress is clean, it is steamed and hand finished to the highest standards.
Preservation – Keep your wedding gown looking as perfect as it did on your wedding day. We will pack your garment in acid-free tissue paper and place it in an acid-free preservation box. Our boxes have a picture window to allow the dress to be viewed. This box is then placed into a sturdier box which makes it easier to handle and store.
Once you take your perfectly preserved gown home, remember to store it in an area with stable temperature and humidity. You can inspect your gown from time to time, just be sure to thoroughly wash your hands or wear cotton gloves when handling the gown.
Household Items
Beautiful bed and table linens can really make a room. Let Nor’east Cleaners use our expertise in fine garments to keep your linens looking perfect for every occasion.
Items include: Sheets and pillow cases
Comforters, duvets, blankets, and feather beds
Tablecloths and napkins
Slip covers
Dry Cleaners Manchester By The Sea Ma
Dry Cleaners Town Ma
Leather & Fur
All cleaning, tailoring and storing of leather, suede and fur is done by Hudson Services, Inc. Hudson has been providing professional, expert cleaning services for almost 80 years. They are licensed by GreenEarth® Cleaning to use their Leather Solutions silicon-based solvent to provide state-of-the-art cleaning in an environmentally friendly way. Hudson is also a founding member of the Professional Leather Cleaners Association. Let them preserve the beauty of your fur by storing it in the largest professional fur storage vault in New England.
Tailoring & Alterations
Our on-site tailor and seamstresses are true masters at their craft, from repairing tears and patching holes to replacing zippers and customizing your prom or wedding gown. If you know your measurements or have a minor repair, you can drop off at any location or send your garment in with instructions through our home delivery service.
If you have something that requires a fitting or more specialized instructions, then we encourage you to visit the talented Fenia-Rita Sutera at our East Gloucester location.
Hours are Mondays through Fridays 7 am – 2 pm, Saturdays by appointment only, and closed on Sundays.
Dry Cleaners Town Ma